History & People of Gateway

Gateway Fellowship was founded in September 2003 by Pastor Fran Mather. Having formerly pastored  New Life Assembly of God in Elmira, Fran was enjoying retirement when he suddenly received a dream from a prophetic fellow that pointed toward starting a church in Fran's home town of Addison. Why? Because the Lord prophesied that Addison was to be a spiritual "hub" for His Son Jesus Christ, a center for revival that would draw others to come and seek Jesus. Thus the name "Gateway" was created that the Church would be the gateway to usher in Holy Spirit revival to Addison. Thus coming out of retirement, Fran put his Pastor's hat back on and Gateway Fellowship was formed.


Although Fran felt led to have Gateway be non-denominational, he also believed that no person or Church can be an island unto themselves so he asked the Pastors, Paul Mather and Mark Dieterle, of New Life to be his accountability partners which they remain to this day for the current staff. Fran's wife Shirley and several veteran Christians from New Life signed on with Fran and Gateway was successfully planted in the Community Center in Addison. Keeping with his beliefs, he made sure Gateway was a full-gospel fellowship that believes in the current work of the Holy Spirit through His Fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) and 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians chapter 12.)


In early 2005 Fran felt that his time at Gateway was up and that God had a new thing for him in Florida. Pressing in with prayer, he asked the Lord who was to take over as Gateway's Pastor? Fran approached one local Elder in the Lord who, after seeking God's will, decided he needed to stay put at his current church. Pressing in again, Fran was given the name of one of his own Elders, Scott Root. For some odd reason, however, Fran didn't feel that things were finished and this his search was over...until he was given the name of one of his other Elders, Scott Towner.


A recent addition to the Elder Board, Scott Towner was in Nigeria, Africa on a missions trip at the time that the Lord gave Fran his name and meanwhile Scott Towner was also hearing from God. One night right before a crusade the Lord said "when you get back to the (United) States, I want you to become a Pastor." Scott had no idea what the Lord had already said to Fran!

When he returned to the States, Fran and Scott T. had lunch together where Fran revealed what should have been a bombshell . . . but God! To both of their amazements, when they conferred on exactly what day and HOUR the Lord had spoken to both of them about the Pastorhood it was the same! The fleece had been laid and the Lord had made it wet.

Thus in June 2005 Scott Root and Scott Towner were installed as Gateway's Pastors. In 2007 Pastor Root felt led to another church and a local youth ministry and Pastor Towner has continued with Gateway until this day.

Joining him is his lovely wife & Helpmeet Rebecca, who is on the Board of Trustees, serves as the Treasurer, a Kid's Church Teacher and the Nursery.

Soon after whilst praying for others to fill positions of Leadership at Gateway, God provided Oakley and Jewell Hayes. Oakley owns his own business, a local paper called the Addison Post, and has actively served in the community of Addison for decades as the Race Fest Coordinator, the Addison Area Merchants Association, Kiwanis, and has participated in many charitable events. His wife Jewell hosts Gateway's Bible Study and the monthly Women's Group.. She has also served on the Addison Town Board and is currently Gateway's secretary.

Next the Lord brought Joseph and Christine English, two veteran Christians who had been members of Gateway since the beginning. Joe is "retired" but runs a full time vending machine business, not to mention serving on both the Board of Elders and Board of Trustees at Gateway. Chris is also "retired" but stays busy with her family and serving at Gateway on the Board of Trustees and anywhere she is needed.


THE FUTURE is yet to be fully revealed by God, but to let you in on something: the Lord showed Pastor Towner in a prophetic dream several years ago the END for Gateway....


Myself along with the Gateway congregation (represented by one of the older men in the Church) were travelling down a long, straight and narrow corridor at the end of which we saw a great shining light. When we reached the light I suddenly found myself translated to the summit of a mountain. Suddenly the Lord caught me by the hair and lifted me into the sky above the summit, and as I looked down to the summit I saw a blue flash and the older man from our church appeared just as I had moments before. God set me back down to stand next to the older man . . . who was now young! We both looked down the slope of the mountain and saw the New Jerusalem, the same one the Apostle John saw. It was glowing, golden and so bright I could barely look upon it, yet it was was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen and I couldn't tear my gaze away. The now young man standing next to me lifted his hands in the air and began to cheer and whoop with great exuberance, then ran helter-skelter down the slope so he could enter into the gates of the Heavenly city. END.

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